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  • Voiced by: Kayla (Stop giving characters three voices. It's stupid.)
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female
  • Favorite music: Jazz music
  • Love Interest: Stone Rabbit (no relation)
  • Family: William Rabbit (father) and Ailza Rabbit (mother)
  • Personality: Is very tomboyish, but doesn't mind being a little girly every once and a while. She doesn't back down so easily and isn't afraid to fight back. She is loyal towards her friends and family and if you hurt the people she cares about she'll make you regret it. She's very stubborn and once she makes her mind about something it's hard to change her mind. She's also not afraid to speak her mind on whatever the subject is no matter who she is talking to, this, however, can cause her to get into trouble at times. She is also intelligent and likes to plan ahead, however, sometimes her emotions get the best of her.
  • Likes: Skateboarding, comic books, video games, playing the saxophone (is decent at it), being outside, stargazing, pizza, and playing basketball
  • Dislikes: Board games (she finds them boring), peanuts (she's allergic to them), horror movies, being around people who are loud and/or won't shut up, being called a chicken, and being up in tall places (she has a fear of heights)
  • This is how you do a character sheet, you idiots.