This is a message video by SaveUmsYes AdventureTimeNo.


  • Kayla as HansHeimlerFan2001.


[We hear everyone booing and HansHeimlerFan2001 enters the microphone]

HansHeimlerFan2001: Be quiet, everyone!

[Everyone becomes silent except HansHeimlerFan2001]

HansHeimlerFan2001: I am HansHeimlerFan2001. The fan of Hans Heimler from the Nutzis. Bubbles8218 was my friend, and she does not need to be a troublemaker. She was a good user who makes anti sisters marrying brothers, grounded stories out of the Evil Save Ums, Evil Mimirin, Evil Shimajiro, Evil June, Evil Henry, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, SallyJones1998, Cochrane-A, BlueKraid, and Evil Roll Light, and ungrounded stories out of Daviddizor, Luna, Manta-bee the Save Ums, Mimirin, Shimajiro, June, Henry, Roll Light, Good SallyJones1998, 716954, and others. I want her, to be a good girl and not a bad girl. Grounded stories out of Bubbles8218 will end and there will be grounded stories out of Evil Famous Amos. The fan of childish shows and old school prime time shows. See you soon.

[[[File:Crowd_Cheering_Sound_10.ogg]]|The crowd cheers]